Help brands make full use of data and technology to create a first-class brand experience

Technology is changing with each passing day, dramatically changing the way people interact and communicate with brands。As a new data company, 55 helps brands make full use of Brandtech™ to communicate with customers in a better, faster and more economical way。

Our services


Strategy consulting

Plan a data-centric corporate vision


The data architecture

In the powerful technology platform, for enterprises to build a flexible marketing system


Media consulting

Improve investment performance through smarter use of tools and data


Customer experience

Leverage customer insight to create a seamless shopping experience

55 Data Company Profile

Our 200-strong team of digital, monitoring and media experts, backed by engineers and data scientists, support marketing teams in various industries around the world。

Founded in 2010 by five former Google executives, 55 Data is now the world's first branded technology group, You & A member of Mr Jones。Headquartered in Paris, 55 Data operates across 3 time zones, with 8 offices in New York, London, Paris, Geneva, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taipei and Singapore。

55 Data company name

The reason for the company's name 55 is that we have found a key data point through continuous observation of each brand: 55% of consumers who enter a physical store complete the purchase, which is much higher than that of e-commerce sites。Our mission is to help brands bridge that gap with digital assets。電商並非是要和實體店壹爭高下;相反,利用數據實現線下線上聯動,會為您的業務成長帶來意想不到的收效。

Our Philosophy


We believe that data assets should be wholly owned by the enterprise, with transparency and pragmatism as they are distributed and put to use across the enterprise


We believe that companies should understand and control how they use data and technology -- advertising technology and marketing technology -- to deliver personalized brand experiences


We believe that brand innovation is critical to its own development in order to stand out in today's multi-channel and interconnected world。We believe that innovation rests on three cornerstones: data, technology and creativity